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adding geeks for geeks algorithm

parent 3617dadb
Created on Feb 26, 2021
@author: ARI
def lcs(X , Y):
# find the length of the strings
m = len(X)
n = len(Y)
# declaring the array for storing the dp values
L = [[None]*(n+1) for i in range(m+1)]
"""Following steps build L[m+1][n+1] in bottom up fashion
Note: L[i][j] contains length of LCS of X[0..i-1]
and Y[0..j-1]"""
for i in range(m+1):
for j in range(n+1):
if i == 0 or j == 0 :
L[i][j] = 0
elif X[i-1] == Y[j-1]:
L[i][j] = L[i-1][j-1]+1
L[i][j] = max(L[i-1][j] , L[i][j-1])
# L[m][n] contains the length of LCS of X[0..n-1] & Y[0..m-1]
return L[m][n]
#end of function lcs
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