Commit 9e885fe1 authored by root's avatar root
Browse files typo

parent a6f1fb18
11/11/2016 v1.0
in extractmd.h
ext4_super_group -> extractmd_super_group
ext4_group_desc -> extractmd_group_desc
How to use?
1. in your command line
insert extractmd kernel module.(needs root permit)
~#insmod extractmd.ko
2. Then, you should make a test code.
"test.c" is an example.
/* Open */
int fd = open("/dev/extractmd", O_RDWR);
/* super_block in user space */
struct extractmd_super_block super_block;
/* ioctl will copy super_block from kernel space */
inctl(fd, &super_block);
/* Now super_block is copied
* sometiing here with super_block...
/* Close */
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