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Added responses to Rayyan's questions

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1. Will there be any other people besides the parents that will be contacted after the 5 absenses?
Response: That is a good question, I would think that the school would keep a record of the absences but only
the parents would be notified so the proper precautions are taken.
2. What will the course of action be if a student is caught sneaking out after lunch?
Response: I believe they will have consequences such as detention so that they can learn their lesson
and go to class. If that does not work then In School Suspension may also work as a final consequence.
3. Is attendence recorded at Lunch?
Response: Based on my experience lunch is not considered a class or period so there is no reason to record
attendance as long as they make it to their classes.
4. Are there any reprecussions for students coming to class late?
5. Will parents automatically be sent emails or will a letter be sent home?
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Response: Maybe enough tardies will add up and count as an absence if the student continues to come
to class late.
5. Will parents automatically be sent emails or will a letter be sent home?
Response: I believe calls or emails should be sent to keep the digital attendance organized, letters
may get lost and they are much more of a hassle when thinking of how the letters will be sent.
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