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Response: That is a good question, I would think that the school would keep a record of the absences but only
the parents would be notified so the proper precautions are taken.
Revised Question: Should the students get a notification as well so that they are aware of what the
possible punishments are?
Revised Response: I think that the students should get a notification on their account telling them there
total number of absences for reference and also maybe warn them when they get close to 5 absences.
2. What will the course of action be if a student is caught sneaking out after lunch?
Response: I believe they will have consequences such as detention so that they can learn their lesson
and go to class. If that does not work then In School Suspension may also work as a final consequence.
Revised Question: Is there an order of disciplinary action that will be carried out corresponding
to the amount of absense and tardies?
Revised Response: I believe the order should be a warning, notifying parents, detention, and then
In School Suspension (ISS).
3. Is attendence recorded at Lunch?
Response: Based on my experience lunch is not considered a class or period so there is no reason to record
attendance as long as they make it to their classes.
Revised Question: How will administrators keep tabs on students that sneak out after lunch?
Revised Response: Usually there is security or other teachers at lunch that make sure students do not
leave or break any rules.
4. Are there any reprecussions for students coming to class late?
Response: Maybe enough tardies will add up and count as an absence if the student continues to come
to class late.
Revised Question: If a student arrives to class late after attendence and are marked as absent, should
there be a way to change the attendence?
Revised Response: Yes, I believe that mistakes and misunderstandings happen so the teacher should
always be able to change the attendance in case they mark the wrong thing.
5. Will parents automatically be sent emails or will a letter be sent home?
Response: I believe calls or emails should be sent to keep the digital attendance organized, letters
may get lost and they are much more of a hassle when thinking of how the letters will be sent.
Revised Question: Should our system also be capable of sending automatic emails or phone calls
to parents once 5 absenses are met?
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to parents once 5 absenses are met?
Revised Response: Automatic calls and emails are a great way to make the attendace system more coherent and efficient.
In my experience that is something that was implemented regularly.
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